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About Us

The Volunteer League has served thousands of members of the San Fernando Valley community for over 70 years.  Our mission, is to improve the quality of life of children and provide enrichment for the senior citizens in our community.


Centre Clothes Corner is the League’s largest ongoing project, providing essential clothing including uniforms to underserved  and homeless children enrolled in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Centre Clothes Corner is currently the only non-profit that provides clothing assistance to the LAUSD children grades from K-12.  The Volunteer League does not receive any United Way or local government assistance and is funded by private companies, foundations, and individuals.


The Volunteer League’s Choral Music Troopers has been performing for seniors who reside in convalescent or assisted care facilities in the San Fernando Valley for 57 years.  Made up of members of the League, the Troopers perform a diverse repertoire featuring holiday songs as well as old time favorites that are especially popular with the seniors.  


The Volunteer League continually seek new and renewed assistance in order to keep our services available to the children and senior citizens in our community, please join us in our cause and

make a difference in someone’s life.


















President                     Joanah Greenspan

First Vice President         Juliet Felton

Second Vice President      Emily Kreshek

Third Vice President        JoAnn Coleman

Secretary                   Ilyce Dawes and Sherry Lucks

Treasurer                      Lianne Noddle














From right to left: Lianne Noddle, Juliet Felton, JoAnne Coleman, Joanah Greenspan,

Emily Kreshek and Ilyce Dawes.  Sherry Lucks (not in photo)



The Volunteer League of the San Fernando Valley is a non profit organization exempt form federal income tax under the Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code,  Tax ID on file.


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