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The children that visit Centre Clothes Corner are very grateful upon receiving the items we provide and the volunteers are equally touched by the smiles shown on their faces.  We want to share some of the thank you notes that they have written to the Volunteer League.

May 17, 2015


Dear Volunteer League,


I just finished my first year at college and was searching for a place I could volunteer. I was looking online and stumbled upon the site. I saw it was near my old high school, and i was curious to see where exactly it was located. When I saw the picture of the building, it was heartwarming to me because this was the building that every time we pass by my mom tells me "when your grandma could not afford to get us new clothes for school this is were we got our clothes from." My parents have sacrificed a lot to make sure we always had what we need, but they also taught use to appreciate what we had because not everyone was as fortunate. It would be an amazing opportunity to be able to volunteer at the place that helped out my mom.

Thank you!

Noemi Murillo


This letter was recieved from someone who came to Clothes Corner when she was child. Today, Noemi Murillo is currently a regular volunteer at Clothes Corner and is actively helping her community through the Volounteer League that once helped her family during their times of need.

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